Get Support

We believe all sex workers deserve a safe space to access support – without judgment – regardless of their backgrounds and experiences.

What we offer

We provide a confidential service which operates online, over the phone and in person.

When you contact SfSSW you will be put through to an experienced mental health professional and sex worker advocate with experience in the sex work industry.

We’ll work together to find the right tailored support to suit your individual needs.

Our team comprises of people with professional experience in mental health, support with sexual violence and sexual health and people with lived experience.

Whether you are in a crisis and feel like you need urgent support or if you just want someone to chat to over a coffee, we’re here for you. We can liaise with universities on your behalf if you are a student.

Our point of contact

Jess, Founder & Support Lead

I’m Jess, and I’m proud to be someone who is lucky enough to be trusted within the sex work community.

When I founded our organisation, there was very little support for sex workers, and this was something I struggled with a lot in my five years as a sugar baby, full service sex worker and cam model.

I set up SfSSW because I never wanted anyone to be alone like I felt.

It is my belief that in times of crisis you just need one person to not give up on you and that is the service we provide here.

I am an experienced mental health professional, sex worker advocate and an educator for university staff who need advice on how to support sex workers.

I have personally trained 1000 university staff members nationally, which I’m very proud of.

I specialise in disclosures relating to sex work and sexual trauma but I have a wide range of experience with communities including people who have offended and people within the judicial system, people with mental health problems and complex needs, people who need support within the benefits system, people with learning difficulties and people affected by homelessness.

I’m a really approachable person when you get a chance to chat to me and I provide a safe space for anyone who needs to talk so please do get in touch if you need someone to speak to and I’ll be happy to support you in however we decide best fits you together!