We aim to reply to all initial helpline enquiries within 24 hours.

Get Involved

We are a sex worker led peer support organisation, passionate about bringing opportunities to sex workers and people with lived experience.

We prioritise people with lived experience when screening for volunteers and are especially interested in hearing from people from marginalised backgrounds. The sex work community is made up from people of all backgrounds, with differing experiences. It is important that we represent the diverse and vibrant community we are proud to be a part of. If as a survivor, someone who is LGBTQ+, someone who identifies as POC, someone with any experiences they have overcome or from any background which deserves to be represented we would love to hear from you. We believe allies and sex workers should fight together for our rights so if you are not a sex worker, please do not assume you are not welcome. We would love to hear from you and could always do with more support.

We want to offer sex workers a platform to thrive creatively and promote and support any creative ventures they pitch to us or already have underway. We are always looking to support, collaborate and work together creatively with sex workers and want to hear from any sex workers who have anything at all to contribute regardless of how much artistic experience they have.

Members of our team have undertaken our mental health professional led training programme and Samaritans training on how to be a good listener. We pride ourselves on the community culture within our organisation and support one another in difficult times. Many people have used their reference from SfSSW to secure work in prominent roles in mental health, peer support and so on. We currently rely 100% on donations and are not in a position to offer paid roles until funding is secured. By September 2022, we will be eligible to apply for funding and will be looking to offer paid roles at SfSSW. Please check back here for more opportunities regarding paid work.

What we are doing

Our creative director has experience in the sex work industry, socially engaged arts and in supportive lines of work. Our team of creatives work alongside the creative director to steer the artistic direction of our organisation. We invite our creative team to take a proactive role in how they contribute and trust in their talent when it comes to their input. Our team comprises of people with experience and talent in many creative fields and we always welcome new ideas.

We have produced zines and have led creative projects which raise awareness of sex worker focused issues in our past work and have hosted sex worker focused workshops and events.

We also work with sex workers to achieve their own creative goals, which you can find more information on here.

What we want to do

We are working on becoming more prominent on social media platforms, providing sex workers with a creative platform to promote their work and non sex-work related businesses and improving on our work with supporting sex workers in producing creative portfolios and pieces of work.

We are hoping to update our website with a shop where supporters can purchase our zine and other products (ideas are welcome!) to generate an income for our organisation. We want to display a list of sex worker friendly and sex worker led businesses which sell goods such as art, clothing and whatever creative products are brought to us.

We would also like to host artist take overs on our Instagram and to start publishing creative writing, academic writing, experience driven writing and art on our website and other social media.

What we are looking for

We want to speak to anyone who has anything creative to bring to the table and anyone who has a passion for sharing their work and collaborating creatively within a team.

We want to hear from people from all creative backgrounds and even if you have skills in a field which may not seem creative but is still useful for people to learn, we would also love to hear from you.

We are always looking to produce creative work through zines and other platforms and forms of communication so please get in touch if you would like to contribute creatively to any of our projects.

We always welcome applications to become a member of the creative team and are always looking to expand on what we can offer.

What we can offer you

We run on an extremely supportive structure when it comes to how we manage our creative team. We are flexible with any deadlines we agree to with creatives and many of our team members identify as coming from a marginalised background. We work hard to represent and support people who come from any background they have struggled with and understand when team members don’t feel up to something. In this situation we support one another to achieve our goals as an organisation. When someone feels they cannot meet a deadline or that they need a break, we work as a team to make this possible. We have wellbeing officers team members can speak to and offer untimed mental health 1-1 sessions as standard to anyone on the team who feels they need to talk. We pride ourselves on the safe space we have created as a team for us to be honest and support each other to achieve our creative goals.


We have very talented creatives on board who work professionally within the arts. Our creative team collaborate to improve on their own work and are encouraged to contribute freely. We trust in the talent of our team and give them free reign when they want to take charge whilst supporting them in ventures or activities they feel they are less experienced in.


 We work with our creative team to benefit our community, our organisation and our team members’ own creative outlets. We work with a number of charities and professionals focused on socially engaged arts and encourage team members to utilise our connections.

We are looking for creatives who want to grow with us as we grow as an organisation.