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Get Creative

We believe sex workers are three dimensional human beings with hobbies and interests outside of their jobs.

A Support for Student Sex Workers installation piece for End Violence Against Sex Workers Day.

What we offer

As we’ve struggled through the pandemic, we haven’t much of an opportunity to work as widely within the creative field as we’d like to.

Going on, we’d like to offer more in person opportunities for sex workers and to raise awareness of issues related to sex work by hosting events, creative collaborations, classes and wellbeing activities.

We have resources as a team and members of staff who are well experienced in creative fields such as drama, film making, graphic design, fine art, website building, DJing and producing.

Whilst we are supporting sex workers in their creative ventures on a small scale for now, we are in the process of applying for funding to help us achieve our creative goals so that we can offer more resources than what we are able to offer now. Please stay tuned for updates on how we can support you creatively.

"I would love to offer sex workers a platform to create and share their work, because the talent within the community deserves to be recognised."
Marcus, Creative Director

I’m Marcus and I manage the team of creatives at SfSSW. I oversee the creative direction of our organisation and I support sex workers with achieving their creative goals, which is my favourite part of my role here.

I’ve been involved with the organisation since its creation and am passionate about steering us down a more artistic route. I would love to offer sex workers a platform to create and share their work (or work confidentially and discreetly) because the talent within the community deserves to be recognised. I am experienced in a few creative fields (music, film making, art) and have worked with several communities for projects involving socially engaged arts.

 As a sex worker and a qualified support worker with experience working with sex workers, people within the benefits system, survivors and people with mental health problems, I’m also just a generally good person to have a chat with so please feel free to pop me a message with any creative ideas / goals or anything you’d like to speak about and we’ll have a chat and hopefully collaborate.