Support for Student Sex Workers

We support all sex workers and anyone who identifies with the sex work community.

We believe all sex workers deserve a safe space to access support – without judgment – regardless of their backgrounds and experiences.

We believe sex workers are three dimensional human beings with hobbies and interests outside of their jobs.

We have been self funded since the organisation was founded in 2019 and we currently rely 100% on donations. We really appreciate and rely on your support!

Whilst we are not here to promote or glamorise the industry, we do not believe anyone should feel ashamed for what they choose to do to make a living. We stand for a full decriminalisation model when it comes to sex workers and the law. Sex work is work and there is no shame in sex work. We do not encourage anyone to leave the sex work industry unless they choose to do so themselves, though we are here to support sex workers who wish to transition to other jobs.